1. Motorcycle chain:
    25H (04MA), 415,415H, 420,420H, 428,428H, 520,520H, 525,525H, 530,530H;
2. Agricultural chain:
    Transplanter chain, tiller high-strength chain, C-and S-type steel farm chain and accessories;
3.60 degrees outside the contact tooth chain:
    CL04, CL06, CL08, CL10, CL12, CL16, CL20, CL24;
4.70 degrees within the contact tooth chain; C4 --- 120 --- 380
5. Conveyor chain:
    Short pitch conveyor chains and accessories, double-pitch conveyor chains and accessories, rubber chains
6. Precision Roller Chain:
    A, B series;
7. Industrial oil seals Precision roller chain:
    A, B series;
8. Window chain; Pitch 35--9.525mm 40--12.7mm two.
9. Forklift chain; LH-plate chain and connector.
10. O-type, X-type ring motorcycle chain:
   420, 428, 428H, 520, 520H, 525, 525H, 530, 530H, 630, 630H;
11. Engine timing chain:
   06F, 06CF, CL04, 05CT '
12. Continuously variable chain:
    PIV continuously variable chain, RB series of stepless speed change chain roller
13. Plate chain:
    LH series, LL series, AL series